Victor Martinez by Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons

TIGERS SRD: Division Race Heats Up With a Month To Go

In the latest edition of Tigers SRD, Roger Castillo and Ben Szilagy discuss the American League Central division race between the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals, the importance of the series against the Yankees and the "Bum of the Week." … [Read More]

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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman (captcanuk on Flickr, Wikimedia Commons)

Four Team NHL Expansion Coming by 2017 (POLL)

According to reports from Deadspin and Howard Bloom, the National Hockey League is planning to add four NHL franchises by 2017. Although none of the … [Read More]

Knox Cameron (left), Danielle Floyd (right)

Danielle Floyd and Former MLS Player Knox Cameron Join Sports Radio Detroit

Beginning this fall, journalist Danielle Floyd and former Major League Soccer player Knox Cameron are joining the staff of Sports Radio … [Read More]


World Cup Qualifier by Tsutomu Takasu, via Wikimedia Commons

SOCCER REPORT: World Cup Wrap-Up

In this edition of the Soccer Report on SRD, Knox Cameron and Kevin Liddy discuss the third place game between Brazil and the Netherlands, and the … [Read More]

World Cup 2014 by Marcello Casal, via Wikimedia Commons

SOCCER REPORT: Round of 16 Coverage and the World Cup Cinderella Story

In the latest edition of the Soccer Report on SRD, Kevin Liddy and Knox Cameron discuss the Round of 16, the United States performance, Costa Rica as … [Read More]